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Book of Binding

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The Binder represents a new type of spellcaster. Rather than learning spells, a binder negotiates with vestiges, remnants of spirits that exist in the void outside reality. In exchange for sharing his body and soul with these spirits for a short time, the binder gains some of the powers they had in life. Essentially, the binder can switch and choose his powers, and party role, daily.

Now, I understand this class might be intimidating to pick up due to the sheer number of vestiges on display, so we've included a number of tools to make it easier: at the beginning of the Vestige Codex chapter, there's a table detailing every vestige and its powers to help you familiarize yourself with your choices. Then, at the end of the PDF, there are printable Vestige Cards, which summarize the powers and abilities offered by vestiges. These can be printed out on standard 8.5" x 11" paper and put in trading card sleeves to play the class with only a one page character sheet and a small deck of cards.

The Book of Binding also includes subclasses, magic items, trinkets, and more to bring Pact Magic to your campaign.

55 pages.

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