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Complete Craftsman

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The dwarf brings down his hammer, and a shower of sparks answer.

The Complete Craftsman is the definitive version of our Craftsman class, built from the ground up to be awesome on every level. It's full of new crafting techniques and has four new subclasses: the Gearsmith, the Gunsmith, the Arcane Maester, and the Thunderlord.

And that's only chapter one. This book has pages of tables containing new weapons, armor, firearms, special ammunition, and explosives. Almost anything you can think of to destroy your enemies. After all, no Craftsman should be hurting for options when it comes to his next project. 

We've also included our advanced crafting rules, which detail more ways to craft more interesting things. Wanna make a golem? Done. Want to craft while you're doing a dungeon crawl? No problem. Do you want to know how to use every conceivable crafting tool in the game? We've got you covered.

Last, but certainly not least, we've included a number of new options for characters that aren't the craftsman, but want to do some crafting of their own or get their hands on exotic weapons, including new feats and spells.

This book is published by Mage Hand Press under the Open Gaming License.

45 pages.

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