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Evil Archetypes

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Every campaign has a big bad guy, and every hero has an evil side.

Mage Hand Press presents Evil Archetypes, a book containing the most wicked flavors of every class, alongside a host of villainous characters to terrorize your heroes. Containing a dozen evil archetype options (one for each class), this book is the perfect choice if you want to run a campaign with a party of evil adventurers, as opposed to goody-two-shoes heroes.

Even better, this book contains a host of pre-made villains, ready to be dropped into any campaign. All 12 Big Bad Evil Guys come complete with NPC stat blocks, additional combat information, and a detailed backstory, so you know just how to introduce them into your campaign, and how to make them hurt your heroes.

This book is published by Mage Hand Press under the Open Gaming License.

30 pages.

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