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Boom, headshot.

Risk is in a gunslinger’s blood. They are bold renegades, bucking tradition and forging a new path with dangerous and inelegant firearms. Gunslingers are infamous for surviving by their wits, relying on split-second timing and a considerable amount of luck to survive. 

We took our time balancing this class just right, making sure that it felt as good to play as it is to read. The gunslinger is a striker class with a role in combat reminiscent of the rogue's, which rewards risk and luck in equal measure. Making careful use of the new firearm system (which is spot-on balanced with melee and magic, and often has fun, surprising variance in damage), the gunslinger has an ever-growing expanded critical chance, reflecting the occasional vital shots that define a gunfight. You also get a pool of risk dice, which power a suite of maneuvers, making the gunslinger far more versatile than many combatants.

This class comes with a new system of firearm rules that stays true to what is presented in core, while balancing it to be more fun and on par with other characters. With these rules, the gunslinger and his entire suite of firearms can slip right into a party alongside a cleric, wizard, fighter, and rogue.

We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do! So load up some revolvers, put on a Stetson, and ride into the sunset.

This book is published by Mage Hand Press under the Open Gaming License.

7 pages.

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