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The witch gestures at the charging orc, as a tendril of black energy reaches out and seizes it by the neck, bringing it to its knees.

Witches are cursed -- stricken by magic so dark it imprints a lasting shadow upon their essence. Through force of personality alone, they can spin this darkness outward, hexing creatures, casting manipulative spells, and even commanding a familiar with their thoughts.

The witch is the first proper debuff class in 5th edition, and, though it takes inspiration from the Pathfinder class of the same name, it is distinctly an original Mage Hand Press creation. The witch is a master of crippling a single target, exploiting its weaknesses, and allowing your party, or your powerful familiar, to deal the killing blow. Additionally, the witch possesses full spellcasting, creating a support package that is completely unique. 

This book is published by Mage Hand Press under the Open Gaming License.

12 pages.

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